AWS Free Courses!

Figure 1.1


There are plenty of free courses offered by AWS, but we do not know form where we can access them. This article is about getting those free courses. Let’s get started,

Go to website.

Figure 1.2

Go to Sign In and if you have no account on amazon like me select “All Regions” and then Sign-In:

Figure 1.3

A new page will load:

Figure 1.4

If you already have an account you can just simply sign in otherwise go to “Create your Amazon Account”

Figure 1.5

Fill the above form and create your account.

Once you have created your account now sign in to the AWS.

Once your logged in Go to learning Library shown in figure 1.6 below:

Figure 1.6

In Learning Library apply those filters of language to “English” or language you like and Free Digital Training as shown in figure 1.7 below:

Figure 1.7

Once you complete the course you can download your course certificate from that Courses tab shown in figure 1.6:

Figure 1.8

Thank me Later.

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