CyberTalents: General Information — Write-Up

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In this article we are going to answer General Information questions posted on CyberTalents. Let’s get started,

I am a huge cyber security conference that run every year in three places : San Francisco, Singapore and Lately Abu Dhabi. Who am I?

RSA Conference

I am a cyber security conference that run in August every year in Las Vegas. I am the largest gathering for Hackers in the whole world. No Credit cards, no online booking , Only Cash allowed . Who am I?


I have founded two of the most famous Cyber Security conferences across the globe in Las Vegas, USA. I am not The Dark Knight. I am The DarK — — — — ?


am the First Computer Virus ever known . You will find me in your head . My name is ……..?


I am an Organization that releases the Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Application Security . I am ……?


The art of hiding messages or information inside other image / text or data


A group or network of machines that are controlled by an attacker to do a certain task


I am a linux distrubition with two versions one for Web Penetration Testing and the other for attacking smart grids. What is my smart grid distribution name ?


I am a linux distribution that has many tricks to do packet and traffic analysis. Who am I?


I will lock your machine screen or files till you pay me. Who am i?


Periodic Conference in many cities hosted by Trend Micro


the attacker intercept information between receiver and sender. what is the attack name?


Change code from one form to another to prevent attacker from understanding it


I am a professional pen tester. I do not need to know any information from the customer, I do ….box pen test


Enter a lot of random trash till the application crash


One of the famous, free port scanner. Who am i ?


Network analysis tool used to captured packets and present it in readable format


a security flaw that is not yet known


A worm that targeted SCADA Systems


I am a type of attacks that used to spread malware. I push data in the cache records of your DNS. I am cache ……..?


He is a user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system.


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