Hack The Box Cat Challenge Write-Up

Figure 1.1


This article is about the Cat challenge hosted on HackTheBox. It is an easy challenge. Let’s get started,

First download the challenge file from Hack The Box server as shown in figure 1.2 below:

Figure 1.2

You will get a file named “cat” which will be without any extension as shown in figure 1.3 below:

Figure 1.3

With the help of rename change this file extension to rar as shown in figure 1.4 below:

Figure 1.4

Extract the files and you will get Cat.ab file as shown in figure 1.5 below:

Figure 1.5

This .ab file is Android Backup File. To learn more about AB file click here. In order to extract .ab file the tool I will be using is Android Backup Toolkit.

Download the toolkit and run the following command also shown in figure 1.6:

Before running the command I have placed toolkit and cat.ab file in same folder.

Figure 1.6

Now go to folder and you will see cat.rar file there and extract it.

Figure 1.6

Now let’s move into “cat” directory.

Figure 1.7

Let’s explore “shared” folder first. Inside shared folder all folders are empty except “Pictures” folder. Let’s explore this folder.

Figure 1.8

This folder contains all of the cat pictures except one picture which is “IMAG0004.jpg”. Let’s open this picture.

Figure 1.9

Here we go we have found the flag and challenge is completed. Thanks for staying till here.

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