Setting Up Seed Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Figure 1.1


In this article we are going to set-up Seed Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox.

Before starting make sure your machine is comfortable with mentioned minimum requirements.

Memory(RAM): 1024 MB RAM

Disk Space: 80 GB

First of all download the Seed Ubuntu from given Link.

Once downloaded extract the compressed file.

Open the VirtualBox.

Figure 1.2

Click on New button as shown in figure 1.3 below:

Figure 1.3

A window asking about path will open as shown in figure 1.4 below:

Figure 1.4

Set the following setting:
Name: Seed Ubuntu (Or whatever you like)
Type: Linux
Version: Ubuntu (32-Bit)
Shown in figure 1.5 below:

Figure 1.5

A new window will appear asking about Memory Size(RAM). Minimum requirement for virtual machine is 1024 MB, maximum you can give as much as memory meter stays in green as shown in figure 1.6 below:

Figure 1.6

Click on next button and select “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” in new opened window as shown in figure 1.7 below:

Figure 1.7

Now click on folder button and a new window will appear as shown in figure 1.8 below:

Figure 1.8

Click on add button as shown in figure 1.9 below:

Figure 1.9

Another window will open asking about .vmdk file path. Navigate to the path where you saved SEED Ubuntu folder and from Seed Ubuntu folder select highlighted file as shown in figure 1.10 below:

Figure 1.10

Click on Open from above window and then click on choose in figure 1.11 given below:

Figure 1.11

After choosing your virtual hard disk file click on “Create” button as shown in figure 1.12 below:

Figure 1.12

Once you click on create button you will see that your machine has been created and ready to use as show in figure 1.13 below:

Figure 1.13

Now either double click on Seed Ubuntu machine or just select machine with single click and click on green arrow start button. Once your machine start you will see another window opened as shown in figure 1.14 below:

Note: Virtual machine might take a while to run.

Figure 1.14

Background of your machine will be default ubuntu background. This background picture is of Gordon Dam of Australia. Now you can start work working on your Seed Ubuntu machine.

Thanks for staying till here.

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